I work in Duisburg/Germany as an illustrator and freelance artist. My passion lies within the fantasy genre. In addition of what you will find on my homepage I prefer to show my works on conventions, since talking to my customers always is very motivating and inspiring. It was during those conversations mostly where I developed not only ideas for personal projects but also long term business relationships which allowed me to make progress and grow as an artist. My art ranges from creating bookcovers, graphic novels, on-demand commissions and a collection of other works.



Ausgespielt!, Frosted Games

October 2017

Futher artists: Claus Stephan

Immortals, Queen Games

October 2017

Further artists: Claus Stephan, Martin Hoffmann

Templars´Journey - Boardgame, Queen Games

May 2017

Further artists: Claus Stephan

Seelenfänger RPG, Redaktion Phantastik

April 2017

Further artists:  Hannah Böving, Caryad

Digital Paintbook, Newart Medien & Design

April 2017

Various authors

Junta Las Cartas - Card Game, Pegasus

June 2016

Further artists: Claus Stephan